piano stairs to prevent obesity?


Found: Actual Dumpster Designs

Why has it taken me so long to post these fabulous finds?

Here’s my excuse: I once stumbled upon these designs, but trying to uncover what you’ve once discovered without a bookmark, digg, or tumblr is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This world wide web has become just another overcrowded NYC Public School, Mexican prison, or American Idol audition line. Somehow, by God’s grace, I have now relocated the genius dumpster designs.



Find more at dezeen.

richie rich.


Ever wondered how many people make more money than you? Now you can know. Plug in your yearly salary into globalrichlist.com and you’ll find out where you rank.  Last year working as a designer, I was in the top 2.5% and considered the 155,652,174th richest person in the world.

So if you’re reading this post and you live in America, chances are you’re rich. Even if you’re unemployed right now, receiving only $12,000, you’re still among the richest in the world…

Conflict in Congo

Where I’m Going & What I’m Doing…

For more than a decade, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been entangled in a civil war. The brutal fighting is rooted in a power struggle over control of the land and its wealth of natural resources. As the world’s deadliest war this crisis has claimed more than 5.4million lives. Moreover, the rebel forces have been utilizing rape as a weapon of warfare, victimizing over 300,000 women and girls.

Peace Talk Hopes Raised By Ceasefire

Last year, I was presented with the opportunity to work with the “Congo Initiative”. This organization seeks to raise up a generation of new leaders who will transform their communities into places of peace and hope. The Congo Initiative’s Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo (CI-UCBC) is a start-up university which integrates academic coursework and service-learning, equipping and engaging students who will help to change their nation.

I will be teaching English at the CI-UCBC as well as working with women who have suffered from sexual abuse at the Community Center,  Mending The Soul Ministries.

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On Navigating

The past few years I’ve been questioning my role in the architecture world, struggling to see how my work had any impact on the world at large. Doubting my impact and trying to understand my purpose, I began investigating and studying to better grasp God’s will. The result of what I learned explains why I am in Transition #2.compass prespective

God’s will is less like a GPS—turn-by-turn directions each and every step of the way—and more like a compass, pointing due North. God’s Word spells out His general will for us. So long as we are living according to that, I believe our lives are like a  Choose Your Own Adventure novel where the reader is the protagonist, determining the main character’s actions in response to the plot and its outcome.

In elementary school, we had regularly scheduled SSR (Silent Sustained Reading). Judy Blume, The Boxcar Children, and Nancy Drew were among the usual selections for my classmates. However, this inquisitive and curious ADD child preferred such literary gems as The Guinness Book of World Records or Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Therefore, my next adventure will be in Africa, specifically, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In just over one month, I will leave the United States to spend a year working with the “Congo Initiative”, bringing physical and spiritual relief to the people of this devastated country.

So as I begin packing my bags, I’ve been pondering what types of books I shall bring with me to read.

Although The Guinness Book of World Records is always a fun time, I’m hoping for some other suggestions…any ideas?

Long Time Gone

So quickly was I employed again that the designer within me found no time to throw her thoughts in the dumpster…

My mind was fully functioning, certainly stuffed with wonderful ideas. Yet somehow I forgot to share (here in this place) that which amused, delighted, and frustrated me. If I were forthright in keeping up with this blog, you would already know that I have managed to find the familiar locale of unemployment once again. Ironically this time, by choice.

this chapter in my life

Perhaps we shall euphemistically refer to this chapter in my life as Transition #2. (Note: Transition #1 came between unemployment & new job at architecture firm where I’ve been enslaved working for the past 6 months.)

This chapter, Transition #2,  is overflowing with emotions. Part of me is curious…did someone decide to rewrite a chapter in the novel of my life? The sudden onset of drama, confusion, and elation that  I’ve been experiencing lately tells me that I’m reliving life in 7th grade.  Should this be the case, I’d like to nominate Judy Blume as a co-author. Thanks.

Although I’ve been a long time gone from the blogosphere, my next adventure has been a long time coming. Stay tuned for more details…

Until then, I’ll be hosting auditions for the female actress to star as moi in the made-for-television drama of my life.

The snowpocalypse

I don’t usually like to ask God “why?” because His ways are so much higher than mine and even if He did provide me an explanation, I’m quite certain I’d be too dense to understand.  The exception to this theory is weather.  I simply cannot fathom the snowpocalypse I’m living through.

New York Hit With Winter's First Snowstorm

Summer (60°F & sunny) came to Milwaukee for a brief visit last Thursday.  Perhaps the video was so inviting that she couldn’t wait any longer to see me.  I don’t really know what happened becuase before I knew it, Summer left, along with my hopes and dreams.

Winter took over when Summer abandoned me.  Today we were graced with freezing temperatures and snow.  Typically I like variety, but I would be just as happy happier to have the monotony of warmth and sunshine.

Please Summer, come back soon.  Or send Spring in your absence…anything but Winter.