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Hello Milwaukee

still the best hometown I know…


i heart i hop

Mom always told me there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Turns out my mom was wrong…

Health Food Junk Food

Free Lunch #1:

Tuesday was “National Pancake Day” and the International House of Pancackes offered a free short stack of pancakes to everyone. Delicious.

The whole experience felt like a field trip to the zoo. The folks waiting for a table were packed like sardines in a tiny vestibule. They peered through the glass at massive amounts of people shoving hotcakes in their faces. Kind of like feeding time at the reptile house when the snakes devour mice in a single gulp. Fascinating yet disgusting.

Free Lunch #2:

A Quiznos sub for the first 1 million people to get on the email list.

Free Lunch #3:

Arby’s Roast Burger with this coupon.

Eat up, my friends, while you still can…