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On Navigating

The past few years I’ve been questioning my role in the architecture world, struggling to see how my work had any impact on the world at large. Doubting my impact and trying to understand my purpose, I began investigating and studying to better grasp God’s will. The result of what I learned explains why I am in Transition #2.compass prespective

God’s will is less like a GPS—turn-by-turn directions each and every step of the way—and more like a compass, pointing due North. God’s Word spells out His general will for us. So long as we are living according to that, I believe our lives are like a  Choose Your Own Adventure novel where the reader is the protagonist, determining the main character’s actions in response to the plot and its outcome.

In elementary school, we had regularly scheduled SSR (Silent Sustained Reading). Judy Blume, The Boxcar Children, and Nancy Drew were among the usual selections for my classmates. However, this inquisitive and curious ADD child preferred such literary gems as The Guinness Book of World Records or Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Therefore, my next adventure will be in Africa, specifically, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In just over one month, I will leave the United States to spend a year working with the “Congo Initiative”, bringing physical and spiritual relief to the people of this devastated country.

So as I begin packing my bags, I’ve been pondering what types of books I shall bring with me to read.

Although The Guinness Book of World Records is always a fun time, I’m hoping for some other suggestions…any ideas?


The Upside of Down

Fortunately, being dumped by my employer has a few benefits.  In my opinion, the greatest of these benefits is time.

My summary of activity while employed:

  • Working 50-60hrs per week
  • Eating, sleeping, bathing, and attending church

A BRIEF summary of activity while unemployed:

    Girl on playground
  • Eating free pancakes at iHOP
  • Surfing the internet
  • Knitting
  • Pondering deep things: Whether or not fish drink water, Where all the lonely socks go that get lost in the dryer
  • Engaging in meaningful discussions with dear friends while enjoying leisurely meals at ethnic restaurants
  • Listening to some terrific new tunes
  • Discovering the wealth of information which is stored at the public library and then swiping my library card so that I can borrow 7x the amount of books that I’ll ever read
  • Running along the lakefront
  • Daydreaming
  • Basking in the sunshine / shoveling snow (Wisconsin prides itself on having the world’s most extreme climate conditions where weather vacillates between arctic-igloo-freezing and blazing-lava-hot)
  • Board-gaming in fierce competitions with my pals (blokus, speed scrabble, pit)
  • And I suppose I must include: working on my resume and portfolio, interviewing, and reflecting on what exactly it is that I want to do for the rest of my life

Due to time constraints (YOUR time constrains, not mine, silly!) I was forced to limit this list, providing just a brief overview of my life after being dumped.  And, WOW, my life is full.